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"I have had such a brilliant time training with the Bradford Birth to 19 SCITT, and would not hesitate to recommend the course to anyone considering training to teach. This year has not been without its challenges, but I have felt supported through every step of the journey.  During training, I was able to work at a pace that suited me, so I never felt out of depth. Regular CPD activities guided us to continually review good practice, ensuring it was always at the heart of our training.

Within the SCITT successes are always celebrated no matter how small, and staff take time to understand each ITT student. This allows them to select placement schools with each trainee’s needs at the core of the decision. If you are looking for a supportive and personalised teacher training programme, this is the course for you!"


Masie Kingstead

2021 Cohort, Secondary Teacher Training, Biology

"My training with the Bradford Birth to 19 SCITT was a fantastic experience that prepared me for the rewards and challenges of teaching. As a career changer, I found it very challenging to transition from my previous profession into teaching but the experience of the team and the professional methods they used really helped. We started our training in school with the teachers and students from day one, and within a few weeks, I was planning and delivering lessons with the support of the Birth to 19 team and my professional mentor. This practical experience from day 1 is definitely challenging, but I feel it was vital to get a feel for teaching and I would recommend it as a pathway to anyone considering teaching, especially if you are coming from a different industry or profession. I was supported all the way through my training year by an experienced and respected tutor, and the weekly sessions held by the team helped develop my own teaching style and gave me practical and relevant objectives to work towards."


Jonathan Woolley

2019 Cohort, Secondary Teacher Training, Computer Science
Now at Bingley Grammar School

"My Teacher Training at Bradford Birth to 19 was nothing short of outstanding. From the first day I started on the course, I knew that I had undoubtedly made the right career choice and ultimately, I had picked the perfect ITT provider. From the get-go, all of the tutors were unbelievably friendly and welcoming, allowing my confidence and determination to be the best teacher I possibly could be to flourish beyond recognition. My ambition for success knew no bounds and that was hugely as a direct result of Bradford Birth to 19 SCITT and the relentless and continued support and wisdom that they imparted throughout the year. Going into my NQT year, I felt I had all the knowledge, confidence and expertise to succeed in my new school and I will always be unbelievably grateful to Bradford Birth to 19 SCITT for shaping and moulding me into the best teacher I could ever hope to be. Since the first day of my ITT course up until now, an RQT with a TLR, I have never looked back, and I truly believe I am in the most rewarding profession in the world. Thank you BB19 – if it weren’t for you, I would have never embarked upon my dream career."


Stephanie Teale

2019 Cohort, Secondary Teacher Training, Physical Education
Now at Beckfoot Upper Heaton

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